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The Department of Romanic and Germanic Languages

Navrasov Abdurauf Burhonovich

Academic degree: Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences

Scientific degree: Associated professor

Position: Head of Chair of Roman-Germanic Department

Education: High

Specialty: the Russian language and literature; the English Language

Qualifications: Teacher

Subjects: History of the English language; Stylistics; Foreign language (English).

Training: Teacher of the Englis Language-72 hours Tajik National University, Dushanbe city, in 2016 year.

Total work experience: 23 years;

Work experience in the specialty: 23 years

The Department of Romanic and Germanic Languages ​​was established in 1993 at the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​of the Tajik State Institute of Languages.

Throughout its activities, the Department prepares specialists in the field of translation, teaching and regional studies of German and French languages, who are taught by experienced teachers of the department.

The teaching staff of the Department in the 2019-20 academic year consists of fifteen specialists.  Among them are 2 candidates of sciences, associate professors, 9 senior teachers, 4 assistants and a laboratory assistant of the Department, who actively participated in the educational, scientific and educational work, as well as public life of the institute.  At the department, 2 people were awarded the title of Excellence in Education and Science of Tajikistan.

It should be noted that the head of the Department at different times were worked teachers such as associate Professor Boboerova L., Professor N. Abdolov. From 2019 until now the head of the Department is Navrasov Abdurauf Burhonovich - Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor.

Teachers of the Department have written and published a number of manuals, programs and books for students, which are currently used in the institute and out of it, as well as teachers of the Department regularly publish scientific articles on English, German, French and their teaching methods.  in the journal "Payomi Donishkada" and other scientific journals.

Teachers of the Department are annually sent to the Universities of our country and abroad to improve their skills.

Every year the Department holds many scientific and educational events.  In particular, once a year there is a week of Romanic and Germanic languages, which is attended by ambassadors and representatives of organizations of Germany and France.

The department has clubs "Lovers of the French language" and "Nächste Generation", which are conducted under the leadership of officials of the department and at the same time invited teachers from abroad, with the participation of students in German and French.