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Analitic-Information Department

The analytical and information department is one of the structural divisions of the Tajik international university of foreign Languages named after Sotim Ulughzoda and was created by the decision of the Academic Council No. 6 / 4-3 dated January 31, 2019 as a department uniting two working divisions (manager and specialist).

The main goal of the analytical and information department is to represent the institute (through the newspaper, official website), edit articles, abstracts and other journalistic materials and, on this basis, improve the level and quality of education.

The department is responsible for the following tasks:

- Participation in the preparation and holding of exhibitions, conferences, seminars and other scientific, educational and cultural events of the university.

- Elimination of shortcomings in the life and activities of the university by publishing analytical materials in publications (official site).

- Conducting analytical and informational events.

- Assistance in the scientific activities of scientists, doctors of sciences, graduate students and undergraduates of institutes and leading scientific institutions of the Republic of Tajikistan, regardless of the industry focus.

- Provide the board of the institute with ideas and proposals for eliminating existing shortcomings.

- Efforts are being made for public access to the newspaper, scientific journal and the official website of the university.

- The department protects the rights and interests of the institution, is responsible for the confidentiality of information provided by the administration of the institution in writing or orally.

- Organization and timely organization of the club of young journalists "Tului Sukhan".