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Department of an action with the innovative projects

Nodirova Mavzuna Akbarshoevna

Working experience: 9 years

Field of scientific activity: the theory and the history of Tajik literature

Head of the department of an action with the innovative projects

Head of the department of innovative projects’ responsibilities:

·     Preparing grant project for finding additional funds from the native and foreign financial institutions;

·     Suggesting grants’ projects to the native non-governmental financial companies and organizations; 

·     Cooperating and suggesting grants’ projects to the TEMPUS (ТЕМПУС) and other financial institution;

·     Attracting the best teachers and students for preparing projects;

·     Finding additional innovative funds for the development of the university;

·     Increasing the propagandistic of innovative projects between the teachers and the students;

·     Attracting the students for the preparing of the innovative grants and projects, which Institute invests them;

·     Founding separate groups of designers on account of the teachers and the students;

·     Founding the courses and the trainings for the teachers and the students, who has an interest for the preparing of grant and innovative projects;

·     Identifying the talented and innovative students between the students and young specialists of the faculties of the university;

·     Propagandizing and agitating innovative projects of the students and specialists by taking places of round table and scientific seminars in the university and in other high educational and professional Institutions;

·     Suggesting the projects of the students and the young specialists to the republican and international competitions for the taking the places and looking for the investor.

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