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Professional Carrier Department

From 2008 till 2011, the department of Youth Affairs functioned under the moral department of the Institute of Languages named after Sotim Ulughzoda. In 2011 а separate department was initiated under the Educational Chairmanship, which was named a department of Youth Affairs (department of Training of young specialist). Two persons work in this department – the head and the leading specialist. The department has its own Сharter and functions according to its regulations. At the moment the department of Training of young specialist cooperates with Education district Departments of Ismoili Somoni, Firdawsi, Shohmansur and Sino of Dushanbe city and had signed other bilateral cooperation and partnership agreements with other educational departments. Students from the Romanic-Germanic, Tajik philology, Russian philology and the department of Youth Affairs pass their educational practice in secondary and high schools of Sino district of Dushanbe. The main task of the department is sending education and translational specialist to their education practice and controlling the participating of young specialist in the assigned organizations. The department prepared a Charter of education practice and translation, which was approved by the Scientific Council. Besides, that manual and educational practical programmers were prepared, which are widely used by students and teachers.

List of documents about the student’s practical and educational practice.

1) Register (signed by the administrative chairman and the head of the faculty).

2) Accompanying letter from the educational and career department.

3) Educational plan of educational practice according to the given profession.

4) Reference letter from the institution, where the student passes his/her educational practice.

5) Reports about educational practice.

List of documents of student’s practical and tutorial training.

1) Register (signed by the administrative chairman and the head of the faculty).

2) Data curriculum.

3) Pedagogical plan.

4) Education Curriculum. 

5) Notebook of lesson analyses.

6) Psychological and pedagogical description of one learner or a group of people.

7) Visual aids.

8) Reference letter of administration of school to the student’s education and practical activities.

9) Report.


• Planning and establishing scientific and methodological activities about the succession of student at the Institute of languages according to the assigned profession.

• Assessment of curriculum plans of all subjects (type of practice, degree and period of educational practice) and their correspondence with national educational standardization of education of high schools.

• Organizing methodological seminars for student’s supervisors on planning and implementation of the education practice.

• Preparing methodological and teaching materials, guidebooks and other necessary documents about the learning practice of the student of the ILSU.

• Providing and running educational events and controlling these events in all the departments of ILSU.

• Preparation of agreements with other institutions and organizations in the territory of RT regardless their ownership.

• Regularly collecting learning materials 

• Linking of activities of head of educational practice in all of the departments of ILSU.

• To organize and summarize conferences according to results of educational practice of the students of the ILSU.

• Participating in faculty and department’s event on topic related to educational practice of students of the ILSU. 

• Preparation and proposals about the improvement of planning and organizing educational practice of students of the ILSU. 

List of agreements on educational practice signed by the institute of foreign language named after Sotim Ulughzoda.

1) The Committee of language and terminology under the government of Republic of Tajikistan.

2) The committee of radio and television under the government of Republic of Tajikistan.

3) The national museum of Tajikistan. 

4) The Education department of the district of I. Somoni.

5) The Education department of the district of Firdawsi.

6) The Education department of the district of Shohmansur.

7) The Education department of the district of Sino.

8) The Education department of the Wahdat city.

9) The Education department of the district Hisor.

10) The Education department of the district Rudaki.

11) The Education department of the district Tursunzada.

12) Secondary and high School №93.

13) Secondary and high School №86.

14) Secondary and high School №82.

15) Secondary and high School №89.

16) Secondary and high School №84.

17) Secondary and high School №94.

18) Secondary and high School №32.

19) Secondary and high School №25.

20) Secondary and high School №43.

21) Secondary and high School №54.

22) State educational institution gymnasium №1.

23)  State educational institution lyceum №1 of Dushanbe.

24) The national informational agency of “Khovar”.

25) The Tajik Pedagogical state university after name of S. Ayni.

26) The Friendship and cultural cooperation of Tajikistan and other foreign State.

27) The gymnasium of Kafolat.

28) The international presidential school.

The department of youth affairs – provides educational institution with pedagogical specialist, which is one of the key and important responsibilities of the educational field and successful process of training and moral fostering and improving the knowledge of students. 

The administration of the institute set its goal to solve the named problems and tries to handle its activity in this field and develop it year by year.