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Science and innovation Department

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MIRAKZODA FARIDUN YUSYFI, PhD of Historical Sciences, assistant professor, the head of science and innovation Department, Tajik International University of Foreign Languages named after Sotim Ulughzoda

The Department of Science and Innovation of the Tajik International University of Foreign Languages named after Sotim Ulughzoda is a component of the university, manages and controls the research activities of professors, teachers and students, innovation activities, training of scientific, scientific and pedagogical personnel, organization of advanced training and retraining of personnel, scientific activities of masters, doctoral students in the specialty (PhD), postgraduate and doctoral studies.

The purpose of the functioning of management at the university is the acquisition of new scientific and technological achievements and the solution of other scientific problems that would contribute to the socio-economic and scientific growth of the Republic of Tajikistan, the coordination of scientific activities with the educational process together with academic and industrial sciences.

The priority areas of research activity of the University are the following:

- Topical issues of linguistics, comparative study of languages;

- Topical issues of Tajik literature and literary criticism;

- Translation studies and the role of translation in modern times;

- Research of pedagogical teachings of ancestors and actual problems of domestic pedagogy;

- Innovative methodology and technology of teaching language and literature;

- The role of philosophy and social sciences in ensuring the sustainable development of modern society;

Studying the issues of national peace and unity, protection of national interests, ensuring information security;

- Studying topical issues of preventing new global threats, superstitions, religious extremism and terrorism;

- Topical issues of research and teaching of the history of the Tajik people in the context of globalization;

- The main trends in the development of education and national culture of our time;

- The role of natural, exact and mathematical sciences in the development of science and education.

Research activities at the university are carried out according to the plan approved by the Academic Council of the University.

E-mail: ilm@ddzt.tj