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The library is an integral part of society and makes a valuable contribution to the development of the knowledge of its members.

The library of the Tajik State Institute of Languages named after Sotim Ulughzoda was established in 1980 along with the establishment of the institute.

The library of the Institute has 4 departments: service department, reading room, the fund of "Rare Books" and electronic library. It provides practical assistance to teachers and students of the Institute to access for educational literature, methodological, scientific and literary books and manuals. 

The total fund of the traditional library is 87,548 copies, including 47,878 copies of educational and specialized literature, 32,508 copies of fiction, 669 copies of political literature and 2,226 copies of methodical literature, 4,267 copies of textbooks, including 3,594 copies in Tajik and 7733 copies in Russian. copies, in other languages 6601 copies.


The general fund of the electronic library contains 20,277 copies of electronic materials, including 11,565 copies of educational literature and 8,712 copies of fiction literature, 156 discs, 313 discs in Chinese and 2 discs of video lessons. The electronic library has 42 computers and is connected to the Internet to provide readers to access to the necessary materials. The electronic library contains lecture materials, syllabus and curricula of teachers of the institute, which students can use easiy.

The library staff, in accordance with the plans-events during the academic year, also organized a series of events dedicated to important historical and cultural dates, such as New Year, National Army Day, Mother's Day, Navruz, Victory Day, National Unit Day, and State Independence of the Republic of Tajikistan. They celebrate Book Day, State Language Day, National Flag Day, Constitution Day of the Republic of Tajikistan, President's Day of the Republic of Tajikistan and others.

It should be noted that the library of the Tajik State Institute of Languages named after Sotim Ulughzoda has been a corresponding member of the Association of University Libraries since 2005.

The main purpose of the electronic library is to access to:

- creating center for introducing modern information technology practices and their dissemination;

- consulting assistance in organizing information and bibliographic services;

 - listing complete electronic catalog of copies in the library;

- implementing computer services in all departments of the library;

- organizing database on library documents;

- organizing subscription to the electronic library system;

- increasing the number of automated places for users;

- expanding of book storage in reading rooms;

- providing favorable conditions for library readers.