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Department of Theory and history of literature

Department of Theory and history of literature was mainly part of the Departament of Tajik philology. In may 1989 the Department was officially founded under the name << Tajik philology >> and began its activities.

The first head of the department is appointed associate professor A.Samadov.

In those years when the institute have been prepared mainly by the teachers of  Russian language and literature for national scools, all efforts were aimed at studying the Russian language and learning activities at all subjects conducted in the Russian language. Leading scientists Rasul Hodizoda and K.Asozoda worked at this department. In accordance  with the peculiarities of the institute teachers have developed a training and work plan.

The department teaches the history of tajik literature, modern tajik literature, rhetoric, stylistics of poetic speech , poetics , introduction to literarure, literary history of England and the United States. 

In 2006 by the decision of the council of scientists the department of tajik literature was founded and its leadership in different years was headed by teachers Vosieva R. (2006-2008) , Olimova H. (2008-2010) , Isrofilniyo Sh. (2010-2012) , Azamova M. (2012-2014).

It should be noted that since october 2014 the department of language and theory and the department of history of tajik literature have merged the department became known as the department of tajik language and literature and its leadership was headed by condidate of philology associate professor  Khosiyat Olimi. In 2015 the departmens were again divided and the head of the department was appointed condidate of philological Sciences N.S.Shamsov. Today , the community  of the department is constantly growing  which is unprecedented in the history of the institute.

Teachers of the department of theory and history of literature are:

Doctors: Davlatbekova L.M , Vosieva R.K

Condidate of sciences: Shamsov N.S , Olimova Kh , Rahimova M , Azamova M , Boev Sh , Dodikhudoev E , Abdurahimov B.

It should be noted that the department has graduate students, applicants from the country and abroad who, write dissertations.

Now the scientists of the department conduct scientific research in two directions: “ The development of literature and methods of its research by modern literature – the theory of literature ”.