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English philology department

 The Department of the English Philology (the former Department of foreign languages) was established at the faculty of foreign languages (now it is the English Department) was established in 1993. The first years of its education specialists in Russian and English languages (teacher) and were prepared by the Department of Russian language. In the further, the Department functioned totally for training in the specialty "teacher and translator of English".

 The Department employs more than 30 teachers, the majority of them are the young staff. They teach more than 15 subjects for training English language.

 The Department has a " The centre for English language development" in which all activities of the faculty are conducted at the highest scientific level.

 At the Department operates special club "Night of English", which undertake activities in the Institute and also in the dormitory. These activities consist of singing, short sketch, poetry reading in English and cultural entertainment room focused on language development.

 The other club of the Department is called "Discussion club" which holds once in two months. Katherine Каrte – an international specialist from Ireland is responsible for the club. There are lots of students who take part from the other universities except the students of the TSIL name after S. Ulugzoda. The club language completely in English and attracts the importance of the language.