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Near East Philology department

Near East Philology department from September 2019 as a result of dividing the Department of Oriental Philology into two departments.

History of the department:

The Department of Languages of South-East Asia at the Institute officially was established in 2009. The first head of Department was associate Professor Shoev Rahmatullo Subhonovich. Later the Department were headed by senior lecturers Khudobakhshova Maria Viktorovna, Tursunov Gholib Abdusobirovich, Nasrulloev Muhammad Nurulloevich, Abdulloev Vaysiddin Saidovich.

It should be noted that the former Department of Languages of Southeast Asia was engaged in learning Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

The first teachers of the Chinese department were Professor Yang Dzou, assistant Professor Asiya Ali, Dng, Wang, Liu Go Li, and graduaters of the Chinese section of the department Khudobakhshova M.V, Mamadjonova N., Abdulloeva G., Nabiyeva M, Azizova R., Khalilova M. engaged in teaching students the Chinese language.

The native speakers of this language - Michiko, Tabata, Eyko, Kobayashi, Yasuko, Hiroko, as well as the former student of this department Gulomaliev Sh., Nabiyeva M., Karimova M., Kuchboeva Sh. contributed to teaching Japanese students.

The teaching of the Korean language was done by teachers - native speakers Shin Nagkyun, Choi Mi Hee, Chu Mun Soo, Ho In Won, as well as graduaters of the department Odinaeva Z., Surkhova F., Normahmedov I., Mirzoev D. and others.

In September 2016, a department of the Hindi language was opened, which covered students who wanted to study Hindi, the first teachers were V. Abdulloev, A. Yunusi, Z. Azizova.

In the initial period, the department was headed by the late associate professor Isoev Mahmadrahim (2004-06), who made a great contribution to the development of the department’s work. In the future, the department was headed by associate professor A.S. Samadov (2006-09), and I.Kh. Sattorov (2009-11); Associate Professor Makhsudov H. (2011-2016) and Associate Professor Mukhtorova F. (2016-2017). Currently, the department is managed by Ph.D. Safarov M. (2017), Makhsudov H. (2018).

The first teachers of the Arabic branch were professor Kh.M. Ziyoyev, late associate professor M. Isoev, associate professor A.S. Samadov, senior teacher Kh. Anakulov, teachers N. Tilloev, M. Saydaraliev, A. Abdulloev, A. Abdujabborov, H. Mirzoyev, I. Sattorov, M. Bayyumi, the late B. Shukurov and others who made a huge contribution to the provision of fruitful activity of the department. Much work on the organization of the Persian language learning process was done by native speakers Behjatkhonum Saidi, Azamkhonum Tavakkuli, Pagoh Zindabod, Muhammad Kulizoda and highly qualified domestic specialists associate professor N. Sarkorov, M. Kendjaev, A. Egamov, P. Kabiri, G. Tursunov.

Currently, the Department of Middle Eastern Languages conducts successful work on the preparation of highly qualified translators with extensive theoretical and practical knowledge, skills and abilities, broad-minded and world outlook. 

Currently, the head of this department is candidate of philology Tursunov Gholib Abdusobirovich, who makes every effort to improve the level and quality of education in the department and the efficiency of studying Arabic and Persian languages.