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Department of Grammar and Theory of Translation

1. First and last name: Sohibnazarova Havasmoh Tilloevna

2. Position: head of the department

3. Degree and title: candidate of Philological Sciences

4. Work phone number: (+992) 937-00-04-37

5. E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Department of Theory and Practice of Translation was established by the decision of the Academic Council of the Tajik State Institute of Languages named after Sotim Ulugzoda in 2019, protocol № 1 / 3-3 from August 29, 2019. The named department was created on the basis of the Department of Comparative Linguistics and Theory of Translation. 

The department is subordinated to the English language faculty and there are 1 professor, 2 associate professors, 2 candidates of sciences and senior teacher, 2 senior teachers and 3 assistants are working there.

The teaching staff of the Department of Grammar and Theory of Translation concentrates all it skills and abilities for the training of language learners, linguists and translators at a very high level.

The main tasks of the department is:

- implementing of the policy of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan and the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan of the state language and foreign languages;

- training and developing of oral, written, simultaneous (synchronic) translation  skills and teaching the language of office work in the studied languages;

- effective educational, scientific-methodical and research activities for the purpose of professional training of linguists and translators;

- using  of modern scientific achievements and best practices of linguistics and translation in the educational process;

- developing professional skills of students;

- improving the general outlook of students in humanitarian sciences, education and aesthetic fields. 

The main areas of scientific and research activities of the department:

- researching and implementation of the main points of the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan "On the state language";

- studying  of modern trends and international experience of teaching and learning of languages, developing scientific achievements for the introduction of innovations in the field of linguistics and translation in the system of higher education;

- studying of various scientific processes and trends in order to facilitate the formation and development of a modern system of professional training  for future linguistics and translators;

- developing of scientific evidences and proposals for the formation of national strategy and development of state language policy;

- researching of the availability and prospects for the development of cooperation of the Republic of Tajikistan with foreign countries in the field of language.