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The congratulation message of the Rector dedicated to the 29th of Tajik Independence.

The congratulation message of the Rector of the Institute of Foreign Languages named after Sotim Ulugzoda, honored Mahmadullo Rajabzoda, dedicated to the 29th of Tajik Independence.

              Dear teachers and students!

         Independence is one of the highest achievement and progress of Tajik nation, which came to Tajik people in the end of the 20th century.  The grace of independence brought a lot of happiness to Tajik people including freedom, shining-honor, love, stability, mutual understanding and mutual-respect.

         The Founder of Peace and National Unity, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, his Excellency, he mentioned that independence is the main achievement and the furthest desire of Tajik nation. Moreover, he expressed, “All of the greatest actions which have been achieved by the holy name of “independence” in our lovely motherland. In addition, independence is a sign of stability, the existence of nation, honor and winning the recognition.      

          However, the head of the state by creating a worthy role in the system of statehood of independence of Tajikistan the constitutional order, established peace and national unity, built sovereign, democratic, legal, secular and social state, saved Tajik people from extinction, annihilation, Civil War and provided the hugest services in the development of political and socio-economical life. It should be stressed, Tajik President promoted science, education and culture of the independent state of Tajikistan.

          Furthermore, independence has given us more progress in the sphere of education; samples are in the activities of each educational institutions of our state. In this regard, in the direction of teaching young generation and preparation of specialists in the field of linguistics are by the grace of independence.

          Dear friends!

          We need to analyze every single page of the independence more deeply with a sense of responsibility and we should rethink in depth the process of its implementation in scientific and literary works in different languages of the world.

       It is my dream that our beloved independent motherland, Tajikistan would be developing, so that our country develops and gets its position in the world stage.

          I wish that the independence of our country remains strong, stable and it would be our pride. I wish that unity and independence and peaceful life of Tajik nation would last forever.

        With these good wishes, I congratulate all of you, the members of our beloved Institute and noble Tajik people on the 29th anniversary of Tajikistan's state independence.

           Dear compatriots!

 Happy Independence Day!