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Publication of Important book


In honor of the  announcement of 2020-2040 as “ 20th anniversary of the study and development of study of nature, main subjects and mathematic science in the field of science and education”. By the decision of a colleague of the Ministry of education and Science of the Republic of Tajikistan the textbook “Logistic” was published  by the Vice- Rector of science and Innovation, Condidate of physics and Mathematics, docent  Asadullo Najmidinion (with co-authors A. Nuralizoda and D. Kurbonalizoda) became available to readers. The book consist of an introduction, 24 themes, 431 pages with the results of comparison of the logistic  processes  in  Russia,  Kazakhstan, Belarus, Germany, Spain, Georgia and Uzbekistan and is published for development of logistics in Tajikistan. The study of mathematics and natural science teaches the young people to act logically,  to contribute the formation of  their worldview and increases their sense of responsibility. The newly published book “Logistic”  is also the results of the guidance of the Leader of the nation Emomali Rahmon- said the author of the book.