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Dear teachers and students!

I heartily congratulate you for the beginning of the new academic year and the Day of Knowledge, which begins with a Lesson of Peace.

In our independent country, every year the first day of the new academic year - September the 1st - is celebrated as the Day of Knowledge, and on this day the first lesson is held with the company of the Founder of National Peace and Unity - the Leader of the Nation, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, dear Emomali Rahmon. This is really a symbol, because knowledge is the director and guide of students on the path of education and life, and peace is the priceless wealth of the ancient and proud Tajik people.

The President of the country dear The President of the country said during the meeting with the workers of education of the country on the occasion of the Day of Knowledge said that: “We have directed all resources and opportunities for the development of science and education and we will continue this work in the future. Because the future of the nation and the future of the state is directly dependent on generations of patriots and noble, with a high sense of nationalism, educated and knowledgeable, linguists with a broad outlook, architects and engineers, inventors and innovators, other modern specialties and modern professions and crafts.

The leadership of the State Institute of Languages ​​of Tajikistan named after Sotim Ulugzod, together with other institutions of higher professional education of the country, launched the Day of Knowledge with comprehensive preparation in all areas of activity: educational, scientific, educational, economic and international, and held festive events to hold it at a high level. A worthy celebration of this great date will be a message of a good and encouraging start to the new academic year and a sign of the tireless and worthy success of teachers and students of the institute.

The determination of the teachers of the institute is united in improving the quality of education, in order to strengthen the level and quality of students' knowledge and implement the directions and instructions of The Great Leader of the Nation, in particular, to actively participate in the organization of national competitions, for example, "Furughi subhi donoi kitob ast (Dawn of Wisdom is a book)", “Ilm – furughi maarifat (Science is a source of knowledge)", "Tojikiston –vatani azizi man (Tajikistan is my dear country)" and "Tojikon – oinain ta’rikhi millat (Tajiks” - a mirror of the history of the people)" indicate an increase in the level of knowledge.

Once again, I want to congratulate the country's educators, especially the teaching staff and dear students, for the new academic year.

Happy new academic year!